Why compost?

Composting is the natural way to recycle organic waste

Landfills are rubbish!

In-sink units send water, nutrients and money down the drain!

Centralised composting creates carbon emissions!

In landfills, garden waste and kitchen scraps break down into methane, a potentially explosive greenhouse gas, and leachate, which can pollute our water.

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Why Earthmaker?

Ease of use with unique aerobic process

Earthmaker’s patented three-stage process uses traditional three-bin composting — stacked vertically so gravity does the hard work!

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Earthmaker supports new organic waste on perforated shelves above the ground so air flows through the material. the material – that’s what makes it aerobic.

Faster process

Research at Garden Organic, an independent research institute in the UK, found that Earthmaker will make twice as much compost as traditional bins over the same period — when composting is aerobic it is more efficient. To see full report click here.

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